Kitty Bytes – Gamma Girl Pi gets a video call from kitty Mr. Fluffkins, who needs some IT support for his rogue food printer.
Power of Pi – The Gamma Girls transform into their super selves.
Forget swords and wands, these girls use super algorithms and code to make a spectacular animated transformation in the spirit of She-Ra and Sailor Moon.
Charades – Things get crazy when the Gamma Girls play a round of Charades. Will these smart girls have it too easy with the category set to science and technology?
XYZ Cotton Candy – The Gamma Girls are ready to use their computer engineering skills to materialize their own cotton candy machine. After tweaking some code strings with silly code, things get crazy with wild cotton candy beards. Will Fritz the space ferret be able top them?
Lift Off – The Gamma Girls, Pi and Beta rig their ship to vortex hop through outer space. Everything is going smoothly until an accident with the artificial gravity button.
Dead Head in the Jump Seat – The Gamma Girls have a surprise visitor deadheading with them on this flight.
Sneak Peek – Check out a sneak peek of the Gamma Girls cartoon show.
Flash Bunny Music Video – Flash Bunny pops into the galactic roller rink to show off her moves.